Make Room in the Budget

Make Room in the Budget

While you can train employees with pictures and flyers, there’s nothing like following through with proper equipment. You can tell them to wash their hands, check machinery before using it, or to use the stairs in the event of a fire – but they won’t be able to follow through without proper soap, equipment operating gear, or a fire escape. Be sure that the workplace is equipped with all the proper machinery or protective gear needed to follow health and safety guidelines. This may mean that the budget has to be larger than anticipated. A first aider should know that health and safety isn’t an area that can be treated as a bargain: workers and employers need to follow code and make their office or area safe for everyone around them.



A first aider will, of course, be trained to intervene in the event of an emergency. But the best first aider will help employers and employees understand how to avoid accidents in the first place – so keep this information in mind.

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